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Maya Angela Reneé - Event Manager 

Hey you! I'm Maya, your dedicated Wedding & Event Bestie! From the earliest days, I've been all about celebrating life's moments. It all began at 14, I started by doing dances, small concerts and promoting events! Since then, I've honed my craft, navigating the intricate world of events with finesse, precision and professionalism. From intimate engagements to sprawling gatherings of 20,000+ attendees, I've done it all - concerts, Celebrations of Life, murder mystery dinners, corporate galas, and of course, weddings! With over 25 years of hands-on experience, my passion for crafting unforgettable events burns as bright as ever. I feel like the more Life experience I get the more I want to create opportunities for other to create memories! Whether your budget is modest or limitless, my mission remains unchanged: to bring your vision to life while respecting your budget and maintaining minimal stress. Let's turn your event dreams into reality, together!


Kayshauna Freeman - Design Implementation

Meet Kayshauna, she is charming and kind-hearted with a reputation for reliability and excellence. Kayshauna's experience has honed a unique ability to listen to directions once and turn visions into unforgettable experiences. Their meticulous attention to detail and warm, personable approach ensure efficient and accurate outcomes. Whether setting for a corporate conference, a lavish wedding, or a charitable fundraiser, Kayshauna brings a blend of professionalism and personal touch that clients appreciate and trust. Kayshauna's kindness and unwavering support truly sets them apart. Clients and vendors alike are drawn to their positive energy and can-do attitude, making the day enjoyable and stress free. 


Maddie Gray - Assistant Event Manager

Maddie plays a pivotal role as the Event Manager Assistant by taking the time to meet with client's and gather detailed information to to ensure a flawless event. Maddie has a proactive approach and quickly jumps in to assist with vendor communications, coordinating schedules and overseeing event operations. 

Maddie's true talents are not only found in administrative efforts. Maddie's exceptional organizational and problem solving skills have also made her a wonderful Day of Wedding Manager! Maddie has a keen eye for detail, a natural with DIY projects and a passion for seamless event execution and does a wonderful job balancing the supportive role for the business but also providing quality service to her clients.


Kiara Webster - Creative Director & Setup Specialist

Meet Kiara, our Creative Director and Event Setup Specialist, who also happens to be the owner's daughter—so you know they’re in it for the long haul! With a knack for thinking outside of the box, Kiara contributes greatly to our event design efforts. Although you may miss a balloon or sparkler at the end of your event, she promises you and your guests an event full of "Wow" factors.

Kiara's boundless energy and infectious humor, keeps the entire team motivated and energized. 

Trust Kiara with bringing the perfect blend of creativity, love and a good laugh to every event!


Shawn Webster - Event Setup Crew

Shawn is a vital member of our Event Setup Crew, bringing the energy and grit that is required to execute set up so that events start on time. Whether it’s arranging furniture, setting up décor, or handling technical equipment, Shawn tackles every task with efficiency and a positive attitude. Known for their reliability and strong work ethic, Shawn is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that every event is picture-perfect. 

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